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2014 - "Marching Band Effect" 5th Place

2013 - "Last Day" 5th Place

2012 - "If Statues Could..." 4th place

2011 - "Triskaidekaphobia" 9th Place

2010 - "World of Imagination" 5th Place

2009 - "A New Creation" 3rd Place

2008 - "Triumpth of the Valiant" 3rd Place

2007 - "La Fiesta" 2nd Place

2006 - "A New Orleans Jazz Revival" 3rd Place

2005 - "Arapa-hoe-down" 2nd Place

2004 - "The Producers" 6th Place


TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA "the fear of the number 13"

Music Arranged by Scott Hickey & Ryan Hickey

Drill and Choreography by Kenny Bailey

All rehearsals and performances can be found on the Main Band & CG Calendar off of the Home Page!



The Arapahoe Color Guard (ACG) has a long tradition of excellence! We have been a Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association State Winter Guard Champion 6 times! We have been a WGI Denver Regional Champion 4 times!

We have participated at the WGI World Championships twice and just recently competed as a Finalist at the WGI Western Championships in 2015!


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