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As we venture into the process of developing a better alumni outreach program for the band, I would invite any Arapahoe Band and Color Guard alumni to share your thoughts in the form below.  We are looking for suggestions on information that you would like to see on this page in the future.  This could include:

  • Event updates (including upcoming performances)

  • Alumni updates (recognition of alumni professional and/or personal achievements)

  • Memories / Stories from your time in the Arapahoe Band and Color Guard program

  • Photos from the past

  • Desire for an Arapahoe Band and Color Guard reunion

  • Any other suggestions that you might have to make this a successful outreach program

If you have any thing that you would like to share, please fill out the form below or email:

Shawn Funk

Director of Bands


Alumni Outreach

Success! Message received. Thank you for your feedback.

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